7awi Media Group and Rise Studios Team Up to Launch an Original Series “Madraset Banat Alyaum مدرسة بنات اليوم”

A new original series from 7awi Media Group and Rise Studio explores the multi-cultural environment of high school life in the GCC region

7awi Media Group, the leading digital media platform in the Middle East and North Africa has partnered with Rise Studios, an entertainment company driving investment into regional content, to produce an original 10-episode series, “Madraset Banat Alyaum مدرسة بنات اليوم”. The series focuses on the multicultural environment of schools in the GCC region and follows 3 high school girls as they revolve their daily interactions, from school to lifestyle, food, and entertainment.

The show promises to be entertaining and informative, shedding light on the lives of high school in the region. Through their experiences, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s youth in a diverse, comic and dynamic environment.

“We are very excited to take 7awi Media Group to the next level of production by producing original shows. This is a sign of our strength, confidence, and capabilities in engaging the audience and creating a show that speaks about the experiences of young people in the region. The series is a celebration of diversity, culture and community and we look forward to sharing it with audiences across the region,” said Anas Abbar, CEO of 7awi Media Group.

“Ramadan is the most opportune time for content creators, especially for digital media. We are thrilled about partnering with 7awi Media Group to produce an original show that will truly resonate with regional audience. At Rise, we recognize the evolving demand for premium content on digital platforms and enthused about reaching the widest audience possible,” said Diana Baddar, Managing Director for Digital Content and Development, Rise Studios.

The series will be available on all 7awi social media platforms and will become a part of the rich library of social media videos of all shows. “Madraset Banat Alyaum مدرسة بنات اليوم ” will be launched during the holy month of Ramadan, a time of reflection, family, and cultural celebration.


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