Industry experts highlight significant trends at CABSAT: Rise Studios and Parrot Analytics unveil insights on non-English content in MENA

Dubai, UAE – At the 30th edition of CABSAT, industry leaders Amanda Turnbull, CEO of Rise Studios, and Wared Seger, CEO of Parrot Analytics, presented the findings from their joint report, “Beyond Borders: The Evolution of Non-English Content in MENA.” The report is now available for download here.

Key findings from the report include:

  • The demand for non-English content has surged to 40% globally, a remarkable increase from 23% in 2018. This trend underscores the growing appetite for diverse and culturally rich storytelling.
  • In the MENA region, over 50% of content demand is now for non-English titles, with Arabic content making up more than a quarter of this demand. This nearly doubled since 2022, highlighting a significant shift towards regional storytelling.
  • Asian-language TV content, known for its age-agnostic storylines, has gained tremendous popularity. Dramas like “Squid Game,” “The Glory,” and “Big Bet” have made a substantial impact on international audiences.

During the event, the success of Rise Studios’ latest show, ‘All But Divorced,’ was showcased. This direct-to-Arabic adaptation of a popular Japanese format is now available on Amazon Prime. The adaptation process involved thoughtful revisions to align with cultural nuances and preferences in the region. For example:

  • More indicative than actual: Certain aspects, like depicting intimate scenes, are more suggestive rather than explicit to respect regional sensibilities. We focused on the emotional obsession and deepening interdependence between characters rather than the physical or transactional nature seen in the Japanese version.
  • Family dynamics: We deepened the family back stories of many characters reflecting the importance of family and the role it plays in the social fabric.

Rise Studios and Parrot Analytics extend their gratitude to CABSAT for providing a dynamic platform for these essential industry conversations.


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