Lebanese-Syrian Drama Series “Forgetfulness” to Debut: A Heart-Wrenching Tale of Love, Loss, and Unforgettable Resilience

Prepare to be deeply moved by the upcoming television drama series “Forgetfulness,” set against the backdrop of a war-torn Lebanon and Syria. Created by acclaimed writer Shadi Kiwan, commissioned by Rise Studios and produced by Blue Bee Productions.

In a war-ravaged landscape, audiences will follow the harrowing journey of a Syrian couple, portrayed by the talented Cyrine Abdelnour and Qays Sheikh Najib. Together, they embark on a decade-long quest to reunite with their missing children, battling against the ravages of time, despair, and fading memories.

Executive producer is Mohamed Mashish, known for his 20 years of collective experience in media and media productions, with a track record for obtaining the best talent to bring to life exceptional production ideas, and directed by the extremely talented Alfouz Tanjour.

Forgetfulness stars a cast including Cyrine Abdelnour and Qays Sheikh Najib alongside side the talented Yorgo Chalhoub and Carol Hajj. The series underscores Rise Studios’ commitment to ‘telling stories differently’ and highlighting authentic social issues.


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