DIFFERENT PRODUCTIONS is a Media production company in the MENA region based in Dubai. The target of this company is to produce, consult, adapt and create content for the Arab markets.

The company is managed by leading Media executives with more than 20 years experience in the Media Industry. The company produced major TV shows for major broadcasters and platforms.

We cover all aspects of TV production and content creation, from developing concepts to delivering quality Shows.

Different Productions holds strong ties with international platforms, as well, the major broadcasters operating across the Arab world and have successfully produced high quality shows for both linear and nonlinear platforms. Employing a team of industry professionals with extensive experience in television production, Original and innovative programs, culturally adapted to appeal to Arab audiences. Different production’s catalogue contains various shows ranging from reality TV to game shows and talk shows. We worked with local and international platforms such as Netflix, Viacom, BBC, Discovery+, Shahid, MBC & Dubai TV.

Mazen Laham

Founder & Managing Director

Mazen Laham is a Media executive with 21 years experience in management , production and creative work. Managed numerous TV shows from innovative initial concept, though development to final production. Equally comfortable with live, studio and location programs. Adept at managing large teams, production crews and celebrities. Known for ability to juggle numerous complex projects and react quickly to new situations and tight deadlines. Oversee production for social, game, entertainment and reality shows. Control $2-12 million budgets and lead teams of 150+ employees as well as production crews.


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